Land It! Cosmic Clicker Game – APIX Educational Systems

A new cosmic clicker game where you have only one job — to land your spaceship on a planet. Sounds easy, huh? Anyone can do it and so can you! But wait a minute, can you actually?

Challenging Missions
Tap and try to land your rocket on a spinning planet. Beware of obstacles! Beat all the levels to become the ultimate landing master.

Mysterious Planets
Oh, space! It’s full of secrets and peculiar planets to conquer! Discover untapped planets coming in all shapes and forms. Fly to the Moon! Land on Mars! Meet space unicorns! Bet you’ve never heard about a sweet and slightly sticky Beehive plane, have you? Oh, and that cosmic pizza slice that was invaded by nasty pineapples!

Funky Spacecrafts
Expand your space fleet and choose from an array of ridiculously awesome spacecrafts: from your basic rocket to a potato ship or a flying coffee mug. We’ve heard there’s a rocket that looks like a panda doing yoga. And a space trash can too. Because why not? And in case you’ve ever wanted to travel the galaxy in a giant hot burrito — we’ve got you covered.