Laddu – Pankaj Ladhe

Laddu is cards game, played with 4/6/8 players. It’s a team game , played in 2 teams.

Setup :

1> Set Pin
2> Tap on New , setup teams
3> Add score for team

This game is dedicated to all the friends who pushed me to develop this! This game will be savior during the tough times!

With 4 players , you only play with 32 cards ( 7 and above ).

With 6 and 8 players , you only play with 48 cards ( remove all 2’s ).

The points are 4/8/16/Laddu or 2 Laddu. One Laddu is 32 points. The points are decided based on number of players.

The team that’s loosing normally shuffles and deals the cards! After each Laddu , next team player deals.

Only Admin can setup game with secure pin.

Admin can name teams, update score , delete last score.

Normally device is mirrored on Apple TV so that everyone can see score updates!

No need of pen, paper and score fights :)!

Record Score while playing cards game Laddu , also known as dana, Landis etc.