Kramp – Kramp Groep B.V.

With the Kramp App it’s easier than ever to find parts. The app helps Kramp dealers in their day-to-day business by making it easier to find products and the contents of a delivery.

What you can do with the Kramp App:
– Find the right product by scanning product barcodes, or searching for product code
– Easily see the contents of a delivery/box by scanning the box barcode
– Quickly review your orders and incoming goods
– Visual object recognition: Take or upload a photo and find the product you’re looking for (in beta)

By releasing the app early it allows Kramp to learn from the customers feedback and quickly improve. One particular ground-breaking feature will be Product Recognition. Upon launch, the app will not find every product, but with your input and machine learning, this feature will improve over time.

It’s that easy!