KOSTE – Pixels trade

This app is operated by the United Seychelles political party in the Republic of Seychelles. For avoidance, the app is not a Seychelles Government system or is linked to any system of the Seychelles Government or any Government.
The app is a tool that allows party members or supporters of the Seychelles United party and other interested individuals to know more about its programmes and to interact more directly with it.
The app provides the latest news items about the party and its stance on different issues in the Seychelles. The app also allows individuals to participate in polls carried out by the party and for their views to be obtained on different issues. The information collected through polls is used to inform the policies and programmes of the party.
To access the functionalities of the app the user has two options;
to register as a user of the app or use the app as a guest or anonymous user. As an anonymous user no personal data is collected about the individual other than those that he or she might provide when responding to a poll.
The full functionalities of the app is available to the registered users.
In the process of registration, personal data is provided by the interested user.
The user is the voluntary source of this information.
Registered users can also access promotions being offered by sponsors and promoters of the party through the app. They also have access to a messaging facility that allows communication between registered users and with the party leadership or officer bearers.