KoriDosukoi – Norio Haga

It is a game that pushes out all the red panels on the Ice.

– Ice is Kori in Japanese.

Operate the white panel.

Can move up, down, left, and right, but cannot stop until hit another panel.

So can only move in the direction of the panel.

It will stop when it hits the panel.

The panel that hits is pushed out in the same direction as it is.

If it hits another panel, the original panel will stop there and the panel that hits will be pushed out.

Use that movement to push the red panel out of the ice.

The game is finish, when all the red panels are out of bounds.

The game is over, if fail to move and cannot move in any direction.

The level goes up depending on the speed of clearing.

As the level goes up, the number of panels increases and the stage becomes complicated.

Can “Undo” up to 10 times and “Retry” up to 2 times.