Kinesis Driver App – Radius Payment Solutions Limited

Made to provide professional drivers with what they need to assess and improve performance on the road, the Kinesis telematics app is a tangible tool that also provides a wealth of insight via an easy-to-use interface. Those who download can review activity, differentiate between business and personal mileage, analyse previous journeys and events, and give concise ETA information.

Having undertaken extensive research and testing, we’ve been able to understand exactly what a driver needs to get the job done, save time and stay safe!

This app is available to drivers who have installed Telematics from Kinesis into their vehicle.

Business & Personal Mileage: Swipe to mark a journey as personal or business to record mileage with accuracy and ease.

Driver Performance: Get a snapshot of your performance on the road and identify areas of potential improvement.

Journey Playback: Review journeys and view specific events with pinpoint accuracy.

Estimated Time of Arrival: Empower your company’s customer service capabilities or ensure that management know exactly when you’ll be where you need to be.

Privacy mode: Keep personal journeys private by simply enabling privacy mode to hide vehicle location data.