KidsHomeBank Plus – Chui Ong

Want to teach your kids financial principles from young? Forget messy money jars and breakable piggy banks. KidsHomeBank+ is a virtual online bank where kids learn to earn, save and manage their money. KidsHomeBank+ further allows parents to easily pay their kids for completing chores around the house.

No more counting pennies to figure out how much they have for their next toy. KidsHomeBank+ comes with colorful charts and an easy to use interface so kids and their parents always know how much money the kids have.

With three default accounts of Checking(Earning), Savings(Interesting Bearing) and Giving, kids learn from young to earn money, to save money for the things they want (Goals) and to give to worthy causes.

Add additional accounts as saving goals for toys or gadget that they want to buy. Teach them the value of delayed gratification and spending only what you have. Give them the foundation and values for a debt-free life!