KIDSGK – feka Mikeny

Kids GK:

This app is made specially for kids. They can gain some basic knowledge with this app.
This app has following features:

1. GK QA
2. Have a look on basics.
3. Want to draw something?
4. Know about all 7

1) There are lot of questions and answers to improve your general knowledge.
2) Have a look on basics:
There is more option, where they can learn these topics:
1. A To Z (Capital letters)
2. a To z (Small letters)
3. Vowels
4. Consonants
5. Colors name
6. Birds Name
7. Animals name
8. Vegetables name
9. Fruits name
10. Shapes in maths
11. Days of week
12. Months of the year
13. Transports
14. Basic Emotions
15. 1-100 – counting
16. 100-1 – reverse counting
17. Parts of body
18. Festivals name
16. games name

3) Want to draw something?
If you want to draw something or paint then you can try third option. You can also save your drawings in photo gallery.

4) Know about all 7
This section covers all 7 things in the world. These are the features:
1. 7 Chakras
2. 7 Seas
3. 7 Wonders
4. 7 Days
5. 7 Colors in rainbow
and many more.

On each and every page you can find settings button. Settings page contains these features:

1. If you want to enable vibration on each page then enable the vibration.
2. There are so many beautiful fonts that will help you to change the fonts on each and every page.
3. If you want to change font size then increase and decrease font size feature is there.
4. There are so many colors. If you want to change app theme color then select your favourite color to change the theme color of the app.
5. Also you can change the font color of your app.

Many more features are on the way. Hope you will find this app very useful.