Kids Spelling – Infocom

Kids Spelling is an Educational Game developed for Kids.It helps children to learn alphabets,words,pronunciation etc.This game allow Children to improve their spelling through fun while also enjoying high quality images, animations and sounds.
Children learn things more easily when they enjoy.Keeping this is in mind we have developed the game with exciting features.
While playing with the letters, your kid will easily learn the names of the letters and the correspondent sounds, it will successfully read his first words.They learn words in three different modes.

Spelling Mode : A picture is shown on the screen with letters outlined just above it.
Kids match the letters at the top by choosing from the tiles below, placing them in the correct order to spell out words.

Fill in the Blank Mode : Kids drag and drop the correct letter by choosing from the tiles below to make a correct word.

Choose Spelling Mode : Kids Choose the correct word from the jumbled word tiles associate with the picture.

In Kids Spelling game, children travel through map to learn words.Each alphabet is considered as levels.When Children unlock each level they get to play exciting mini games.
There are three mini games.

Puzzle game : When children unlock levels in Spelling mode,they get parts as gift to complete a Puzzle. By collecting the parts, they make a toy!!

Dot to Dot game : When Children unlock levels in Fill in the blank, they get to play dot game. Children connect the dots to make a picture.

Coloring game : When Children unlock levels in Choose Spelling , they get pictures to color.Coloring will help the child to become observant, attentive, smart and learn to make the right decisions.
Drawing for children focused on the development of attention, creative, creativity, memory, logical thinking, color perception.

-Its 100% free
-Fun, educational activities for toddlers and kids
-Letters can be dragged across the screen onto targets, helping to improve your Kid hand-eye co-ordination
-Many levels with fun mini games
-Exciting and Awesome visuals
-High Quality pictures
-Certificates for completing each mode
-Sounds to help children learn phonics for letters and words

Completely safe and designed for kids, this game proves to be the best kids game to help your child grow, learn, have fun, and even give parents some time off
Let’s sharpen your child’s brain with Kids Spelling and improve visual vocabulary, memorizing skill and increase your child’s concentration.
We hope your children enjoy learning with Kids Spelling.