KeyWe 3 – keywesmartlock co., ltd.


• Easy Invitation
Use the app to easily invite your family, friends, and guests. You can set up a date and time as you wish. No need to share your pin code anymore.

• One Tap Invite
You got a delivery coming but you can’t be at home? Just send a Pin Code valid for only 5 minutes from the One Tap Invite.

• Airbnb invite
When you have the KeyWe lock and app, it’s super easy to invite your guest on Airbnb. Not only is it easy to invite, but very useful to manage your guests. It will be a must-have tool!

• Real-time push alarm
Ever worried whether your kids arrived home safely on their own? KeyWe informs you in real-time. Get push notifications when your family gets home.

• Entry/Access record checks
The safety of your home starts at your door. You can check the record of who has entered the house and when for the past two months.

• Smart KeyWe
The door lock unlocks automatically when you approach the door lock with your smartphone based on the location tracking system.
Feel unsafe with your door opening automatically? Try the ‘Magic Touch’ option. When you touch your door lock with your hand, it unlocks.

• Multiple doors with one app
My house, my parents’ home, and the office – simply control multiple door locks with one app. The KeyWe app.

• Multiple properties
Now, the KeyWe app can manage multiple properties. How many properties do you have? No Problem. KeyWe’s got you.

• Easy registration
Experience the smart world with an easy registration. With no complicated process needed.

Please visit the KeyWe and KeyWe online shop. You will see more features and news about the KeyWe smart system.