Kangaroo Lineskipper – Joseph Hozayen

Never spend a day waiting in line. With Kangaroo Lineskipper, get rid of all the time wasted standing in line at the carnival, tourist hotspots, government offices and more. Now available in Lisbon, skip the queue at SEF offices with Kangaroo.

Explore nearby attractions, find out what restaurants worth dining at you can visit, and make sure you don’t have to wait when you get there.

It’s as simple as:
1. Tap a button
2. Get notified when your turn is near
3. Go to the line and stand in place as it’s almost finished

Features include:
– Explore nearby places of interest
– Live tracking of your line waiter
– Push notifications so you know when to show up
– Call your line waiter to coordinate
– In-app payments