Justdiidz – Diidz LLC

With JustDiidz, supporting your favorite cause has never been easier and more rewarding.

Whether it’s making regular donation to your local church on Sunday or supporting an international appeal—making a difference is now easier with the JustDiidz app.


– Get Rewarded- JustDiidz automatically itemizes charitable donations for maximum tax deduction!
– Double the Impact- Users can double their donation through employer matching
– Social Giving- Users can follow their favorite causes, and invite their social network to match their donations
– Cashless- Users can donate virtually or in person anywhere, anytime. Lack of cash will no longer be a barrier to donating
– Stay Engaged- Users can now to donate to both regular causes (Church on Sunday), and respond to emergency appeals all on one mobile platform


Whether you are a charity, NGOs, religious organization, veterans’ association and more, creating a fundraising campaign on JustDiidz is quick and easy. Tell your story through photos, videos, and audios and start accepting donations in seconds.

– Share your campaign on the JustDiidz in -app news feed, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
– Get notified each time someone donates and see how close you are to reaching your goal.
– Keep patrons in the loop. Send updates via in-app news feed.
– Engage patrons in lively discussions through in-app post. likes and comments
– Get meaningful data on each campaign through the JustDiidz powerful analytics platform
– JustDiidz automatically itemizes charitable donations and prepares a tax-ready documents
– Transfer funds directly to your bank account.