Junk Food Invaders – Paul Perkins

“Junk Foods” are invading and Jared Person wants to stay in shape by eating only healthy, nutritious food and avoid “junk foods.” Move the needle left or right to take aim and destroy the junk food before they reach Jared Person (your patient) and drain his life meter, In this retro shooter style game.

-Shoot the fast moving Junk Foods first then get the slower moving Junk Food but allow Jared to eat the Healthy Nutritious Foods which Includes Apples, Pears and Oranges.
-Score points by destroying the Junk Food.
-Lose points if you destroy the healthy food that is often mixed in with the junk food.
-If your life meter reaches zero then it’s Game Over!
-Crack open Pills that appear randomly to give your patient extra life.