Joyful Being –

6 Weeks to Rest, Reconnect, and Rise so that you can feel grounded, healthy and whole.

The Challenge follows the Joyful Circle Method, which is a unique system to cultivate Connection, Peace and Positive Energy. It’s a program centred around having a safe place to unpack and being received in a safe space. The result helps you to get a better grasp on what you want from your life, being intentional with the steps you are taking to get there.

Bonus #1 – Weekly Group Q and A calls to Integrate Your Circle Experience

Bonus #2 – 6 Week Meditation and Grounding Plan to Maximize your Transformation

Bonus #3 – Accountability WhatsApp Group So That You Don’t Quit Until You Feel Results

Bonus #4 – Joyful Being App To Connect Anywhere, Anytime