Jido Lite – Tangerine Innovation

Jido Lite app powered by Tangerine unlocks insights into driving style and provides a comprehensive driver profile and feedback to help you become a better driver.

Jido Lite automatically detects when the vehicle starts and stops and uses the inbuilt smartphone sensors to measure parameters
like Acceleration, Hard Braking, Sharp Cornering, Overspeeding and Overall Drive Comfort.

You can use Jido Lite app for AI-based driver scoring, complete trip history, in-app navigation, automated call/ SMS to emergency services in case of an accident, roadside assistance, find gas stations, hospitals, mechanic near you and so much more.

Range of Features:
– Be up and running today, you only need a smartphone
– Automatic trip start and stop
– AI-based Driving Behavior Scoring
– Remote vehicle location by GPS
– Voice-based in-app Navigation
– History of all trips and detailed scoring for each trip
– Automatic Crash Detection
– Low battery drain

Crash Assist:
– AI-based Automatic Crash Detection
– SOS to support number and location details to emergency services
– Detailed crash report and insurance claim support

– Location services for trip analysis must be always on
– Call Permissions for SOS services

Battery Life Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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