Jetter Lyfe – JETTER LYFE

The lifestyle app helping you find the best places and all the right people. Our platform makes it easy for young professionals to connect while traveling, post travel plans, participate in events, and find fitness or business solutions.
• Search events in major cities by keyword or dates, see other Jetters attending, communicate with the group and share pictures/videos of the event
o Post your own public or private event for FREE!
• Use Lyfe calendar to post travel plans and events to share with followers
• Search any destination in the world by date and see other Jetters traveling there
• Use Jetter Link section to search or post requests to connect with other Jetters for travel, fitness or business purposes
• Search and find friends or other Jetters to follow
• Use the Passport page to share text, pictures or videos with the JETTER LYFE community or make it private for just friends
• Use the Stampfeed page to view the posts of all the accounts you follow, like and comment on posts. Leave an audio comment so they can actually hear you laugh out loud or scream happy birthday!
JETTER LYFE, connecting millennials through travel, fitness and business.