JetClass – JetClass

JetClass – Bringing private jets to the masses

A new way of air travel:
Reinventing the business class experience by enabling passengers to book seats on private jets for ticket prices competing with business class fares, without any membership fees.

How it works:
The services we offer are extraordinary, but we made sure there is nothing unconventional about the booking process.

– Get tickets directly from website/app – offering the best fares, or any other metasearch/travel agency.
– Receive flight brief, which contains all the needed information to ensure your trip goes smoothly, will be sent to your provided email ID 24 hours before departure.
– Departure and arrival take place in General Aviation/Private Jet Terminals.
– In the terminal, our handling agency confirms your identity, takes care of your personal belongings and provides any additional assistance required.
– The private jet experience is finally yours to indulge in. Enjoy the flight accompanied by just a couple more associates aboard.
– 10 minutes after landing is enough to get your luggage and step out into the city.

Why JetClass?
JetClass comes in response to the decreasing quality of business class flights, especially on short-haul flights around Europe, and their limited supply. Current solutions within business aviation are excessively expensive with charter costs starting from €10,000 and high membership fees.