Jersey COVID Alert – Government of Jersey

This is the official digital contact tracing and exposure notification application provided by Environmental Health, Government of Jersey for visitors and citizens on the island of Jersey.

By using the app you can help prevent and contain outbreaks of COVID-19.

The app will warn you with an Exposure Alert if you have been near someone who has recently been diagnosed with COVID-19. If you choose, you can ask the Contact Tracing Team to call you for specific advice and support if you get an Exposure Alert.
If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, the app lets you anonymously warn people you were near to before you became aware that you were infectious. Only people with a confirmed case of COVID-19 can do this with the support of the Contact Tracing Team.

Your privacy is protected:

• No personal information needed to sign up
• The app does not record your location and does not use GPS.
• The app is built with strong privacy protection.
• Use of the app is always voluntary.
• The app will ask your permission to share any data.
• The app can be uninstalled at any time.
• It is extremely unlikely that you could be identified by other users while using the app.

Developed on behalf of Environmental Health (JHA) by Digital Health (HCS) and Digital Jersey.