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Jaldee is a web portal connecting service provider with customers, locally & globally. Jaldee lists thousands of doctors/professionals/technicians and all service areas including healthcare, homecare, personal care and legal/financial care.

The motto of Jaldee is seamless connectivity of service providers & business enterprises with potential customers. Elimination of queues, wiping out unproductive & boring waiting times is the motivation & aim of Jaldee.

At Jaldee.com service providers and business owners can project professional/business profiles online, and increase practice/sales.

Customers get added to online queue as soon as they book their appointment online for any service. They receive online token and get alerted on the approximate time of appointment. Your clients need to show up only at the real check-in time.

There is provision for online pay & receipts intended to reduce provider operations cost and for customer convenience. Online fee collection and bill issue (optional) save your time & energy.

Create an account at Jaldee.com to access potential customers/clients/patients
and for endless virtual queue & plenty of real check-ins.

Why Jaldee for consultants & business owners?

1. Online presence; 24 hours & 7 days
2. Full advantage of Jaldee digital marketing
3. Brand creation & brand building
4. More traffic and direct clicks into your website
5. Creation of endless online queue, ensuring full capacity utilization
6. 24/7 Kiosk facility
7. Jaldee coupons to increase client-flow/business
8. Jaldee pre-pay to prevent cancellation of booking
9. Jaldee online appointment & queue management
10. Online token for provider/customer convenience

How Jaldee features can help service providers?

1. Jaldee Online
-Create online professional/business profile
-Build your business brand
-Create image/video gallery
-GPS/Google map/corporate-site integration
-Enjoy bookmarking/favourites

2. Jaldee token
-Online token system to cut costs
-Online tokens for convenience

3. Jaldee Check-in
-Online queue management
-Live queue dashboard (control screen)
-Vacant slot filling made easy
-Approximate wait time prediction

4. Jaldee appointments
-Online booking of appointments
-Schedule appointments to suit your timing
-Choose to accept or reject online requests

5. Jaldee Coupons
-Sell more services
-Offer attractive discounts
-Get reimbursed for discounts

6. Jaldee Comm
-Easy, secure communication with customers
-Send & receive messages
-Quick access to customers

7. Jaldee PoS
-Online Point Of Selling at Jaldee
-No PoS infrastructure & labour
-Online bills & receipts
-Merge with discounts & coupons

8. Jaldee Pay
-Jaldee online payments & receipts
-Collect advance payments through Jaldee prepay
-Prepay prevents booking cancellations

9. Jaldee Kiosk
-Kiosk cuts operations cost
-Online kiosk is convenient to customer

10. Jaldee Keyword search
-Get noticed in customer searches

If you are a service provider/business owner, sign up with jaldee.com to increase customer access and to avail partner-benefits. Download Jaldee provider app from App Store as well.

Drop in your questions & remarks at apps@jaldee.com
Learn about Jaldee privacy policy and legal terms & conditions