IT Planet W10 Two(AR) – I Think Solutions

In the educated world knowing about computer and its intricacies is no more a luxury but a necessity.Therefore, we have created IT Planet (Streaming without Buffering) Computer Series for classes 1 to 8, Keeping this necessity in mind. The name of this series symbolizes the flow of understanding the computer concepts continuously without any pause.

This series is based on the latest software packages and operating system programs such as MO-2016 and W. 10. Apart from these two, we have covered almost all the open source software programs such as Scratch, Logo, pencil2D, GIMP, Inkscape, and Python.

Book Reader Feature:
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1. Fill in the blanks.
2. True False.
3. Color Activity.
4. Activity Missing part.
5. Activity Fun.
6. Activity Reasoning & etc.