iReads – Reads School & College

This one-of-its-kind school based application is based on providing the best solutions to the
problems of students and their parents in the conventional school systems. It has in-built student
profiles, which include their Reads id, contact details, subject selection and contact details of
At the same time, it has live updates of students’ academic performance, be it monthly tests,
periodic quizzes or mock examinations. These live boards of students’ academic performance will
help the parents to monitor their child’s academic performance. At the same time, it will aid the
student counsellors at Reads School and College to keep a close eye on the academic performance
of each student enrolled at Reads School and College. This will be of immense help to the teachers
as well as the management at Reads School and College in the final evaluation of a student’s
academic performance.
The schedule of classes are uploaded too where parents can check the enrolment status of their
children in particular subjects. The attendance of students is monitored through this application’s
innovative technology where parents can see for themselves if their child has come to the school or
not. This is vital so that it is clear to the parents that no student is found bunking or missing any
class. It will also be of immense help to the management of Reads School and College to keep a tab
on the attendance of its own students.
The Learning Management System (LMS) will have notes, reference books, past papers, and video
links of each course delivered at Reads School and College. The LMS will be updated on a regular
basis. The students will have all the access to these wonderful resources of knowledge and these will
definitely support their preparation for their board examinations which is the eventual aim of any
student enrolling into Reads school and College. The resources included in the LMS will be chosen
after careful selection and curation by individual teachers for that particular subject.
Lastly, the fees schedule will also be uploaded on a monthly basis so that parents can see the
clearance of their dues to the school on time. The payment of monthly dues is of utmost concern to
parents and Reads School and College understands this concern deeply. That is why, this application
has the feature embedded into it where parents can pay their dues to Reads School and College
through a few easy clicks.