IQS TECH FEST 2020 – Barter Partnership SL

Looking back to understand what future brings. Technology has been an enabler for
humanity to leapfrog and radically improve quality of life and productivity. In 1840
humanity began the first of the industrial revolutions, and that would completely
transform the way the world works.
Since then, technological advancements defined the eras we live in. The steam engine
lead to the first industrial revolution, electricity to the second one, computing to the third
one, and connectivity to the fourth industrial revolution. And with each of those, a new
breed of tech-driven entrepreneur were born, and the most unimaginable inventions
and advances came true.
It’s at the 200th anniversary of the consolidation of the first industrial revolution, that we
want to celebrate how technology has shaped our lives, and look into what’s coming

IQS Tech Fest is the largest event organized by IQS Tech Factory, the center of
entrepreneurship at IQS University and the first Industrial accelerator in Spain. What
started as a small fair organized by a small team of people with the passion of giving
voice to a new type of entrepreneurship, has become a great celebration that is
growing year over year.
In this new edition, we keep working on making possible the impossible. This year, we
have partnered with Barter, a great team of professionals that will help us build and
transmit all the passion that lies behind one of the our most special events.

IQS Tech Fest brings in the same space the technologies of the most advanced
industrial startups in the ecosystem. Every January, the future is built at Antiga Fàbrica
Damm Barcelona, that brings together the most powerful entrepreneurs and
technologies from the existing ecosystem.

A stage and innumerable stories of passion to build a better future. There is no better
way to understand the future than listening to all those entrepreneurs who broke all
schemes by their best efforts. Experts such as Neil Harbisson, the world’s first cyborg,
Stephen Dunne, General Manager at Neuroelectrics, Lynette Kucsma, CMO at Natural
Machines, or Alfons Cornella, one of the leading experts in innovation in Spain, left
their trace at our festival last year.

Success begins with a pitch. IQS Tech Fest brings together the most promising
industrial startups in the ecosystem and creates an environment to find the perfect
match between entrepreneurs and investors, at the Investment Forum.

IQS Next Tech, the unique industrial acceleration program in Spain, closes its edition at
the festival. The 10 companies that have accelerated their technologies for the past six
months to bring their prototype to the factory, will take the center stage to offer the best
of themselves. The award? The Most Promising Industrial Startup of 2018 will be
selected by a panel of judges, and win a reward to travel to Boston for a 2-week
immersion program by Richi Entrepreneurs.

Gather in a single day all the meetings that otherwise would take you months to plan.
Our networking app will guide you to know in advance all the entrepreneurs and
assistants of IQS Tech Fest and close the best agreements through tailor-made
meetings for you.