Interview Success for Nurses – Gregg O’Malley

Irrespective of where nurses are in their career, whether it be their first job or promotion to a more senior position, they will face the stress and challenge of a job interview. Research tells us that the most qualified or experienced applicant does not always get the job. Success at interview is often influenced by how well we prepare, and how composed we are during the interview.

Resources in this app will help nurses focus on ‘interview preparation’; ‘general tips for success’; and ‘structuring an approach to different types of interview questions’. Developed by experts in the field, the ‘Rules of interview success’ found in this app are derived from psychology and behaviour theory, as well as many years of experience in interviewing. The 9 rules of interview success include helpful tips, techniques, and strategies for winning over the interview panel, and giving you a competitive advantage over other interviewees:

Rule #1 Be prepared
Rule #2 Make a winning impression
Rule #3 Remain calm
Rule #4 Be careful not to derail
Rule #5 If asked a question in parts, respond in parts
Rule #6 Structure responses to behavioural questions
Rule #7 Good is not enough! Elaborate!
Rule #8 Only you can tell
Rule #9 It’s a two-way street

To get started, install the app where you can view Rule #1 for free, then the remaining rules can be unlocked with a cheap one-off in-app purchase. Once familiar with the components of each rule, you can populate a checklist, which can be used as an ‘aide memoire’ prior to an interview.

The app also has a unique feature which allows you to record responses to sample questions. You can use the tips, techniques, and strategies found in the app, to fine-tune your interview preparation.

With proven success over many years via interview coaching, Dr Scott Lamont (Nursing) and Dr Gregg O’Malley (IT) have now made these interview tips, techniques, and strategies available in a contemporary app format. Try it, and see your interview performance improve!