interLoop – mickael lignier

InterLoop will give you access to time intervals for your training sessions, with an ultra-fast and intuitive setup.

You will be able to add
* a time for exercise,
* the number of exercises,
* rest time per exercise,
* the number of repetitions
* a rest period by repetition
* but also a time to prepare yourself before the start of the session.

With its sleek design, the grip is seconds, to save you time when you need interval.

Each time is accompanied by a sound to warn you of the close end of time and the passage to the next time.

InterLoop runs in the background to allow you to lock your iPhone and continue your session. Users holding an Apple Watch will be able to track the time directly on the watch, the color code will help you quickly see what time you are.

InterLoop is completely free and does not include In-App advertising.

Features to come:
* Ability to create an interval list
* Quickly access an interval via the list
* Exercise time can be replaced by motion detection for sensor training.
* Gesture on the features of Pause, Play and stop a stopwatch.