Integrity Wine – Dominique Sievers

Experience wine management. With Integrity Wine you will find your wines quick and easy and keep an overview over your current stock. No long searches, but an efficient way to sort your wine stock.

Just add your wine and take a photo of the label for easy finding.

With the list view (depot), you get an overview of all your wines. Benefit from a structured view and always have a precise overview of your wine stock.

The cellar view enables you to find your wines in the cellar or wine rack. Add your wines, arrange them according to your own taste and keep an overview of your wine cellar or your wine rack. No long searches for bottles, but practically all bottles at a glance.

Search Function
Integrity Wine offers you a search function that you can use to search your wines. Both in the cellar and in your depot. Simply search through your wine stocks.

To keep you on top of things, Integrity Wine offers a statistical evaluation of your current wine inventory. The following statistics are displayed:

– Wines by color
– Wines by year
– Grape variety
– Wine by producer
– and more

With Integrity Wine you can find your wine and manage your wine stock optimally and efficiently.

This app is available in Spanish, German, English, French and Chinese.