InstaSalam: Quran & Pro Muslim – Muhammad Adil

Stay connected with Muslim Ummah and bring a good lifestyle by offering prayer on time with InstaSalam – the best Islamic app to get accurate prayer times, adhan time, recite the Holy Quran, log prayers in the Prayer Tracker and check your performance, Qibla finder and Local Muslims to get connected to Muslim Ummah all over the world. Download the InstaSalam app and change your lifestyle like a Muslim Pro.

InstaSalam is one of the best app to connect Muslim Ummah and bring a big change in the life of a Muslim with advanced User Interface and User Experience in 2020.

InstaSalam is the best prayer time app among all Islamic apps and also includes features like Qibla finder to get accurate Qibla direction and Quran recitation.

Prayer Times:
– Accurate prayer timings which works all over the world.
– View the remaining time for each prayer

Al Quran:
– Read the Holy Quran in English and other 45+ languages translations & transliterations
– Favourite Surah & Ayah of your choice
– Get multiple Arabic fonts from the available fonts family
– Share-ability of any ayah from the Quran
– Adjust font size of Arabic & switch translations and transliterations on/off

Qibla Finder:
– Integrated Qibla finder / Qibla compass / Qibla direction worldwide with the help of our Qibla finder feature

Offered Prayer Tracking:
– Track prayers by logging them in Prayer Tracker
– Never miss your Prayers/Salah and get notifications on time.

Live Kaaba:
Watch Kaaba video live and get updates of current situations.

Tasbeeh (Tasbih):
You can perform multiple daily dhikhr using Tasbeeh inside InstaSalam mobile application. It has multiple counts options.

Hadith of moment, Quranic Ayat of moment:
You can quickly read daily hadith and Quranic Ayat with proper reference. You can share it among your friends.

Note: If InstaSalam app gives you incorrect prayer times, it is most likely due to your settings. Please let the app setup things for you once you allow your location and select juristic method. For an accurate Qiblah direction please calibrate your phone (make an 8 in the air).

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