Innform – SEBAZZO

Try Innform free to invite an unlimited number of learners to your mobile learning platform, create courses, quizzes and inductions with video and images. Automatically translate your content into different languages and generate an audio track of your text-base courses.

Choose training
Innform comes with a list of multilingual, readymade video training. Simply choose the ones you like and assign them to you team in seconds! New courses and languages added monthly.

Assign staff
Invite your team by email or SMS. Group your staff by location, department or position to assign training instantly, from one place. Assign a deadline to the training that needs to be done by a certain date.

Track progress
Monitor everyone’s progress in groups, and from one location. Know who finished what and by when, and the results of every quiz, with a click of a button.

Automate compliance training and assessments with Innform’s CPD Certified courses. Your learners can complete all their compliance training in just a few hours and be awarded a certificate straight from Innform. You can assign, track and send refresher courses from the app.

Customise Innform to suit your needs – change the logo, brand colours and the language so that you can present a learning experience your management and staff can truly embrace.