iNibby Nibble: Online Snake io – Menoka S.r.l.s. srl semplificata

Play this super fun & addictive arcade snake game. Swipe your finger to move the hungry snake & feed it as many fruits as possible in record time! Up for the challenge?

Missing the magic of classic retro games? Start playing iNibby Nibble! A fun & exciting ‘Snake Arcade Game’ that will leave you craving for more.

Remember the snake game you used to play all day long, pressing away on the keypad of your phone? Well, we have now reinvented the old-school snake game for you and bring to you a bigger & better classic retro snake game.

Just so you know, it is extremely fun & addictive!!

iNibby Nibble is a nostalgic snake game that will take you back to your childhood. Drag the snake as you swipe your finger across the screens to feed him fruits and collect points. As you feed the snake, it will grow and become longer. You need to guide the snake in such a way so that he doesn’t eat himself, or you will lose. On top of this, you have to collect all the fruits in the least time possible!! While the gameplay might seem simple at first, our challenging levels make it extremely addictive and enjoyable.

So what are you waiting for? Buckle up and dive into the fun world of snake arcade gaming!!

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Here comes the new & most fun snake game, iNibby Nibble – Game of the year!

Can you hear the drum rolls?? Get ready for the
“Most Exciting, Challenging, and Amazing Journey to Snake Mania!”

*Swipe & Win Points!*
Feed the hungry snake to help it grow. Move the snake with the swipe of your finger.
Warning: Make sure he doesn’t eat himself or you lose!

*Increase your Brain Power*
It is the best game to increase your brain power and train your mind to complete a hard task in the shortest amount of time.

Caution: As you move up the ladder, the levels become harder to complete. We love to keep the game exciting!

*Beat the High Score*
Play on legendary levels, flaunt your skills by topping the leaderboard, and challenge your friends to beat you on the snake battlefield.

Beware: We bet you can’t beat the clock!

Tip: Crazy Rewards awaiting you!
*Challenge Your Friends*
Complete achievements and challenge your friends to beat your highest score.
*Are you ready to fight for survival?*
Brace yourself and slither your way into the snake battleground to collect as many fruits as you can. Increase your patience and speed by calculating the best possible path to complete the level in the shortest time.

Have you got it in you to become the biggest snake? Let’s find out. Tap the install button and get ready for a slithery ride!