InHome Life – Jelena Lecic

Services at your doorstep.

Now it is faster and easier to reach new services, and those you already know about, but from the comfort of your home.

Contact the services you like the most, hairdressers, stylists, chefs, medical consultations and much more! Their service can be performed either from your home, work or wherever you want!

InHome offers you the following functions:

– Connect with services you regularly use, in addition to finding new ones that may be of your interest and carry them out in your own home (or wherever you prefer)

– Access social networks, telephone number, price list, images and description of any service of your interest.

– Adjust your location by tapping the map, so we can find all services that are willing to come to you.

– Use our certification to choose reliable services.

As a service provider:

– Sign up to get your own FREE ad in InHome, so more and more customers will be able to find you. Within your ad you can enter your social networks, phone number, price list, images and description.

– Mark the maximum distance which you would like to travel to your clients.

– Define/set price list.