Influencer Hub – Babar Arshad

The Influencer Hub App offers brands and influencers a convenient way of connecting with each other. Our easy to use affiliate marketing tool helps bridge the gap between brands and influencers so they can engage in mutually beneficial collaborations. It allows influencers to earn on the go, while brands can use it to launch successful Instagram marketing campaigns to boost their reach and sales.

Features for brands
Browse from hundreds of micro and macro influencers with a robust social media presence
Create and publish your campaigns in as little as 7 clicks in under 10 minutes
Collaborate with your chosen influencers with just a few taps on your phone
Keep track of your marketing campaigns on the go
Monitor your KPIs and ROI updated in real time

Features for influencers
Earn at home or on the go!
Boost your social media following
Choose from 100+ amazing brands to endorse
Have fun creating meaningful collaborations!

Why this app?
It’s free – There is no subscription fee! You only pay when you confirm a campaign, or sell a product/service.
It’s fast – setting up a campaign takes only about 10 minutes. You can manage hundreds of influencers in the time it took to manage one.
It’s convenient – Scale your influencer marketing and manage everything with one app.
It’s tailor made – You can define every aspect of your campaign just the way you like it.
Our app includes additional services to help your brand grow professionally.

What makes our tool special?
Niche audience: Our influencers have a very niche and targeted following; people that know them for years. As they are experts in their fields, whatever they recommend will be ranked highly by their followers.
Diverse interests: A targeted audience with a wide variety of Interests. What else does a brand need? We have influencers from very diverse backgrounds; people with different interests and expertise.
High engagement: We only choose influencers that are very active and interactive with their followers. Two-way communication is the key to success.

How can influencers use it?
Influencers can use our affiliate marketing tool to earn commission by collaborating with brands. You can do this in 4 easy steps:

Our services for brands
Influencer Vetting: Our team scrutinizes influencers carefully before hiring them as independent contractors
Influencer Hiring: Our team is constantly in the search for appropriate Influencers/ bloggers.
Influencer Relationship Management: From having complete personal details to having up-to-date social media profile information, Influencer Hub manages it all.
Influencer Communication: All communication to and from the influencers and brands is done through the portal
Influencer Strategy Development: Strategy is developed specifically for each influencer and each campaign
Influencer Campaign Development: Our portal allows brands to set all details of how they want a specific product/service to be promoted
Influencer Negotiation: Based on analytics and numbers, Influencer Hub negotiates prices for influencers.
Influencer Campaign Execution: Our team goes the extra mile to make sure the campaign is being executed as planned
Influencer Compensation: Influencer Hub covers all aspects of Influencer compensation
Influencer Reporting: Brands can easily see how effective each campaign and each influencer is for them and plan future campaigns accordingly.

Want to know more?
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