improv-i – Lenny Beadle

Get started by joining a programme relevant to whatever you’re trying to improve! Are you trying to get fitter? Yes? Well then join the fitness programme! Want to expand the horizons on what you know? Then join ‘improvi-Knowledge’! And the programme ‘improvi-Anxiety’ is there for you when have concerns with your anxiety. There’ll be a programme for whatever area in life you trying to improve yourself in.

– Once you’ve joined a programme, you’ll start receiving 3 random, quick & fun tasks to complete each day.

– Completing Daily Tasks ensures your Traits are at healthy levels as you gain boosts and other potential self-benefits.

– improvi was designed to better users’ mental and physical health, your data will be presented to you as graphs for better visual representation.

– Answer analytic questions at your own leisure to improve accuracy of your data, you may also notice tasks becoming more specific to you too.