Import Health To Calendar – Youngwan Choi

HealthToCalendar is an iPhone app that brings your Apple Health records to an event for viewing in your calendar.

◉ Import Apple Health Records to Calendar Events
• Import Apple Health records and automatically create calendar events based on the time of that data.

◉ View health records in chronological order on the calendar
• You can see which health records are on the calendar when and how long.
• You can view your health records in daily, weekly, and monthly views of your calendar.
• Automatically recorded health records such as hand washing, exercise, and sleep can be viewed in the calendar app without opening the Apple Health app or exercise app.

◉ Select Apple health data and sources to import
• Choose what data to import, such as exercise, sleep handwashing, water, caffeine, mindfulness, and noise alerts.
• For each piece of data, you can choose from which source to import.

◉ Select and change calendar to save
• You can select and change the calendar you want to save, so you can distinguish it from other calendars in the calendar.

◉ You can choose whether to add an emoji to the event title.
• You can automatically add emoji in front of event titles, such as exercise type, sleep, hand washing, etc.

◉ Set screen style
• Light mode, dark mode, and automatic settings can be set depending on the device.

◉ Support
Please send inquiries or suggestions through Settings> App Information> Contact Us in the app and we will sincerely answer.