Ilco MyKeys Organizer – SILCA SPA

Do you have so many keys that you can’t remember what they are all for?

Find a key that you didn’t know you had?

MyKeys Organizer tells you in seconds what the key is for. This unique and easy to use app catalogues and recognizes all your keys.
Try it free for up to a maximum of 3 keys.

How does MyKeys Organizer work?

1. Take a picture of your key with your smartphone

2. Name the key according to its use (eg. garage, office, Mum & Dads etc.)

3. Photograph the key and the app immediately recognizes the key and tells you its name

Why use MyKeys Organizer?
1. Keep track of all your keys in one easy to access place

2. Secure and reliable

3. Great for managing large numbers of keys for work, family or friends

The app contains no advertising.
To access the service a login is needed and this can be done via your Facebook or Google account

Your keys can be divided into different bunches or keyrings like home, work, parents, children etc.

To memorize a key 3 photos need to be taken of each side. After this procedure some seconds are needed before the app can recognize a key for the first time. A notification advises when the recognition process is finished.

After this initial process subsequent key recognition is almost immediate.