iHusky.com – Yevgeniy Kashkin

iHusky connects flight travelers who are willing to transport stuff for others with people who need to send stuff long distance.

Every time you fly, especially long distance, you can use available luggage space to transport stuff for someone else. Become a courier in three easy steps:

– List your future trips for free. Include trip details such as departure and arrival points, travel dates, type of cargo you are willing to transport, weight limitations and a price for your service.

– Pick up the luggage from a sender at the agreed meetup location. Make sure to properly check the content in front of the sender for anything that you are not willing to transport.

– Deliver the luggage to your trip destination. Handle it to a receiver at the agreed meetup location. Get paid for your service 24 hours later.

Long distance shipping might be expensive. We offer an alternative. You can use people who travel from your place to where you want to send your stuff in just two steps:

– Search for available delivery services listed by flight travelers. Choose the one that meets your shipment conditions, and book it.

– Bring your luggage to agreed meetup location with a traveler. Let the traveler check your stuff for anything they are not willing to transport. Handle your luggage to a traveler and … wait for delivery confirmation.