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iHuman English World-Learn English naturally. Learn English joyfully.

Drawing from 20 years of experience creating educational products, the team at iHuman has developed a fully 3D and interactive English learning app.

Experience a learning system that is designed according to the cognitive-developmental needs of 3-12 year old children. Whether for school or general learning, our specialized combination of American and European language teaching standards, and the Chinese primary school English syllabus, ensures meaningful progress is made. Our systematic study path of recognize, listen, say, read, write, assess, review gives every child the best opportunities to truly learn new language. With immersive learning, everyone can enjoy, improving their overall English skills one day at a time.

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Research-Based: iHuman English World Curriculum incorporates the American Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSS), Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), and the Chinese Primary School English Syllabus. These combine to provide a thorough and effective learning path for learners to develop English skills in a meaningful way.

Focused Classes: 100 units of finely tuned, step by step curriculum designed according to the various developmental needs of 3-12 year old children

Systematic Learning: Study process of recognize, listen, say, read, write, assess, review ensures a strong English foundation

(1) Recognize: 3D scenarios with delightful character animations simulate real-life language use to help children easily understand new words and sentence patterns.
(2) Listen: Extended language input through fun and interactive activities, all delivered with clear American pronunciation.
(3) Say: Repeat words and sentences multiple times to practice and cement speaking skills. Receive useful feedback with a smart pronunciation score.
(4) Read: Original leveled picture books that help children develop essential reading skills.
(5) Write: Improve writing skills and enhance interest spelling with interactive animations.
(6) Assess: Learning is assessed after each unit, with challenging areas further explained in a comprehensive analysis and feedback.
(7) Review: Developed according to the forgetting curve principle, algorithms help learners review and master words and sentences at appropriate intervals.

Varied Content: Vocabulary, sentence patterns, songs, dialogues, and leveled picture books; makes learning more fun.

Immersive Experience: Enjoy learning with 800 unique and interactive 3D learning scenarios that simulate real life.

Everyday Themes: Integrate English into daily life with 21 themes and topics, each taught step by step to help children master the language.

Practical Language: Develop fluent oral English skills through interactive dialogues and with intelligent voice evaluation technology. Children will love to speak English.

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