Igloo Touch – Igloo Vision

Transform your mobile device into a virtual game controller to interact with your Igloo system.

Igloo Touch equips your iPhone screen with a D-pad and button overlay to become a virtual controller and stylus for your Igloo system.


・Use your phone to control Igloo Web as a mouse pointer. Click on hyperlinks, and click on and type into text fields, without having to go back to the mouse and keyboard.
・Annotation tool. Annotate, jot down thoughts, highlight and circle text and graphics while presenting. Fully customisable with adjustable brush size and colours. Undo (and redo!) function included for any of those little mistakes.
・Compatible with hardware controllers (MFi, PlayStation DualShock, Xbox One) which can connect to your Igloo system through Igloo Touch. Use your phone as a master system for all controllers attached to your Igloo.

You must have an Igloo system to use this app.