The all-new iEnergyWhiz has been re-engineered and also
re-designed from the previous version that has been operating
to monitor real-time power and energy consumption at universities,
research institutes, and factories for years. The latest version
has also gained increasing attention from other concerned people
through more superb features, well-organized information hierarchy,
newly designed UI, easily understandable charts/graphs resulted
from continuous development and strong commitment of the team. Get our Intelligent Internet of Things (IIIoTs) installed today and
let the machine does a wonderful job for you!

~ Main Functions ~

Real-time Charts
Dynamic data transformed into readily
understandable charts/graphs are specifically
provided to each user role to ensure that you
will not miss any essential information and

Historical Analysis
Big energy data from remote sites are processed
and then stored in the secured cloud storage for
further data mining. Unseen data patterns for
root-cause analysis are expecting you to explore.

Energy Diagnosis
This automatic function helps you find irregular power
quality that is not practically detected by a human
before jeopardizing costly machine/equipment.
The built-in function evaluates the electricity system
health from both real-time and historical data and
provides reports of the abnormality discovered.

Real-time Notification
Immediate alarm/alert notifications are right at your mobile device within a second timeframe to support faster corrective action, lower system downtime, and lower money loss, ultimately.

Who will get direct benefits from using iEnergyWhiz?

1. Building/factory owners who are wondering why the electricity bill is too high and how to reduce the monthly expense?

2. Energy Saving Companies (ESCO) who are collecting the power consumption pattern in both overall and a specific concerned point before proposing professional services to the owners.

3. General companies who are selling the high-efficiency machine/equipment where necessary information such as energy base-line and energy-saving report for financial settlement is required.

4. Engineers who are looking for software tools that help them perform wearisome tasks on power & energy monitoring and reporting automatically without human-prone errors.

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