Physical visiting cards can’t travel everywhere and this confines your business prospecting within boundaries. Now with digitally transformed IDENCARD digital business cards, you can create a free business card online in minutes, customize it on-the-go and share with anyone via chat, email or Whatsapp, even if the intended recipient doesn’t have the IDENCARD app installed on his device. Another trouble that virtual business cards solve is that unlike in physical cards, you can include clickable links to your email, website, or social profiles in IDENCARD which makes lead capturing easier. There’s more! Changes you make to your IDENCARD are updated in real-time on your contacts’ devices, and vice versa, ensuring you have the most up-to-the-minute information about your contacts.

Here’re some striking gen-x features of IDENCARD:

• Create a card and share it with anyone in less than a minute
• Choose from a vivid list of themes to make your business card reflect your brand’s image
• Save the havoc, time and money wasted in getting physical cards designed and printed
• Scan the QR code of any IDENCARD you receive to add the person to your list of connections instantly
• Grow your connections to multiply business interactions
• Manager, filter and modify your connections on-the-fly
• Verify your employees’ details on IDENCARD to generate trust and facilitate authentic business interactions
• Contribute your bit to preserve paper and, thus, the environment

Physical visiting cards are still not dead, so there’s no point comparing the two underestimating the benefits of virtual business cards. Consider them as a complement to your physical cards and let them go do the work for you at frontiers where you or your physical cards can’t.

Give this digital business card app for iPhone a spin and see how well it can accentuate your business collaboration, contact management and prospecting. Cheers!