iDare – Comfort Zone Challenge – Paola Soldi

Are you looking for Motivation, Courage and Perseverance? Is time to take part in thousands of challenges that will help you to get out your Comfort Zone. iDare is here to track and analyze your improvements; you will be able to understand your values! Boost your motivation!

Would you like to improve yourself?
Do you have difficulties approaching girls?
Do you want to be more comfortable in social gatherings?
Would you like to not feel embarrassed while speaking in public?

You are not alone. Many people let social fears stop them from reaching their full potential.
You can change this. Now.

It does not matter if you are 20 or 50. Years of lost opportunities will never come back.
If you want more of the same results. Stop reading and continue with your life.

What is Comfort Zone?
A comfort zone is a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person and they are at ease and (perceive they are) in control of their environment, experiencing low levels of anxiety and stress. In this zone, a steady level of performance is possible.

Despite this, many researchers have proved that an extremely low level of anxiety can drastically decrease your performance.

You need to get out of your comfort zone and archive the optimal performance zone.

If you want new results you need to change the way you do things.
By strategically exposing yourself to new social situations, you will then improve courage, motivation and, last but not least, perseverance. Like going to the gym for your brain.

Many people are now stopped by their social fears and for this reason they can’t express their full potential, many times they have problems to reach their goals!

iDare will propose you many challenges that will help you to improve and gain more self-esteem than ever. We will monitor for you each improvement and worsening. iDare app will show you your progress by providing you very accurate statistics, reports and graphs.

With this tasks based app, you will be able to become a better person and step out your comfort zone in 3 simple steps:

1. Learn how to maximize your capabilities and skills
– iDare gives you the possibility to attend thousands of different challenge that will improve your self-esteem. This tasks will help you to find new talents and skills that where hidden before, this app will give you the possibility to express your most “self-confident” personality.

2. Keep progress of your achievements and improvements
– After completing each challenge the app will ask you to answer few simple questions that will give us the possibility to develop and share detailed reports. We will utilize a completely new algorithm that will be able to keep track of you courage, motivation and perseverance levels, challenge by challenge. iDare will have the purpose of sharing with you your progress and improvements in the simplest way possible.

3. Become a better person, step out of your comport zone
– After having completed few challenge and tasks, if you join our Premium program, or you will use the free trial, you will be able to see your full personal statistics. In that section you will be able to see many different graphs that will display your progression during the time. We will also give you a points score each challenge, so you can compare it with your friends. I dare you to get to 1000 points!

Download now iDare, get your challenge, improve yourself, keep track of your progress and dare your friends! Become what you have never been, choose iDare.

Free Features
√ Get (max) 3 challenge each day
√ 1000+ Random challenges database connected
√ 1000+ Right Now challenges database connected
√ Full Report for all your challenges
√ General statistics
√ Score statistics
√ Special Events challenges (Social-distance challenge)

Additional Premium Features
Join our big community of Premium user and help iDare
√ All free features included
√ Unlimited challenges every day
√ Progress statistics
√ Progress Graphs