Iconical – Blanks – Dappological Ltd.

From the developers of the highly reviewed app, Iconical, we bring you Iconical-Blanks.

Iconical-Blanks creates Home Screen icons with a difference.
Each icon can appear to be invisible* on your Home Screen, allowing your other icons to seemingly float into new positions.

Some of the possibilities this gives you:
– Move your apps further down the screen within closer reach
– Place your apps in new positions to make patterns
– Position apps to seemingly interact with your wallpaper

Use Iconical-Blanks and Iconical together to:
– Create blank icons that can launch your apps
– Hide apps behind invisible icons
– Draw on your blank icons to make truly unique views on your Home Screen

*iOS icons cannot be transparent, so icons will have an image that matches that of the wallpaper underneath, making it look invisible