Ice Cream House in English – ankur vaghasiya

Ice cream is a food made from dairy products such as cream (or the like), combined with flavourings and sweeteners. until now has many ice cream recipe menu that we know.

Ice Cream House in English application that we summarised in this application aims to facilitate the making of delicious ice cream. hopefully this app is useful for all.

Who doesn’t like Ice-cream? Well, i don’t think there is a thing as bad Ice-cream especially at times like this. But we bring you only the Best Ice Cream Recipes that you can find. So with this Ice Cream House in English app, they will take your breath away and you can make them really easy and really quickly instead of just buying them this is more interesting!

Features :-

– The interface of the application is very user friendly and easy to use.
– No Internet connection required
– Favourites dishes facility