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infraConnect Helpdesk Solution offers Business Discovery capabilities that unlock the power of information for helpdesk management.

Understanding the backlog and knowing which tickets need to take on first priority is
a key concern for IT departments. The infraConnect Helpdesk Solution helps IT professionals see a comprehensive view of all helpdesk cases in their organization.
Through this easy-to-deploy, powerful & web-based app, they can focus their attention
on high priority tickets and analyze how long tickets have been open. infraConnect also helps system administrators improve average response time, and enable to deliver seamless support achieving business goals.

Here are few flagship features of this product:
1. Automated Ticketing Management 
2. Advance Analytics
3. CustomizedReports
4. Easy, user-friendly experience
5. Fits Every Budget
6. Rapid multi-source data integration 
7. Mobile Device Support
8. Customer Satisfaction Review
9. Collaboration & annotation

Download the app today to discover the power of infraConnect. Visit infraconnect.in to explore more