I love pomodoro – YoungHwa Park

Start the love for my time! We provide the least function for the best efficient time management. The pomodoro technique is great time management skill which focus on work or study for 25 minute and 5 minute for time break. If you find some simple app to save your time check out “I love pomodoro” app.

1. Let’s see the time to focus on at once.

Anytime, anywhere you can check out focus, break time and cycles for schedule of your work and study.

2. Everyday enjoy wise saying to motivate you.

The wise saying which changes everyday for a week helps successful time management of yours. Have a fun with the animation droppring down tomatos by touching the screen.

3. We provide the least functions for the most efficeint time management.

You can set concentration/break time by yourself. We provide pause, stop, restart timer, selection of alarm/push/vibrate mode and brightness of the screen. We gives only what you need.


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