“I am” by Infobeing – Infobeing Foundation

“I am” unleashes your potential by helping you make new connections with good people like you. Just express what you want to do and effortlessly meet compatible people to do it with. Earn IAM points by referring your friends for by doing favors for the people you meet on “I am”. Spend your IAM points by purchasing favors from others. Also check out the daily teachings on that app that will fill your life with more love, abundance and freedom.

The app that solves the problem of meeting people. “I am” makes meeting exactly the right people as easy as typing a structured sentence. This is new social media, created by a nonprofit foundation, and designed for you. No advertising, no exploiting your data. “I am” is a community built around total respect to our users. Our spiritual mission is to unleash your potential through loving, harmonious human relationships based on total respect and freedom.