How is Life Therapist – KMT Software Solutions LTD

HiL Therapist allows you to:
* find clients, notice patterns in their day/behaviour and help them with a daily comment
* overview your clients days easily with monthly charts
* get ratings and verified status before anyone else while HiL is still small and free
* report specific client comments
* write and sync with all of your devices

HiL allows clients to slowly build trust with their therapists using a permission system – more sensitive client information (like profile picture, resume, job stress level…) is hidden by default and can be requested by therapists only when needed and if necessary the therapists and clients can communicate outside of the app.

How is Life protects you and your data:
* 3rd party account login allows you to skip the password
* GDPR compliant

HiL Therapist is customisable in order to allow a more pleasant experience:
* change mood calendar colours
* use handwriting fonts
* use realistic drawn moodboxes
* use paper-like background
* use ultra dark mode

How is Life is beautiful – gradients, minimalism and a combination of different design element to create a unique experience!