HotClays – Target Orange

Score trap, skeet, and sporting clays.

Just tap hit or miss to score. Send score sheets as PDF files for viewing and printing. Automatically keep track of your score sheets right on your device. Backup and sync between devices for free.

Do you coach a youth or high school team? HotClays is designed with you in mind. Scores for each practice are grouped together on a single page, making it easy to upload weekly scores to your league. HotClays makes coaching easier with organized score sheets, statistics, and easy-to-use sharing features.

The following sports are supported:

■ American Trap
■ Trap Doubles
■ Wobble Trap

■ American Skeet
■ English Skeet
■ Olympic Skeet
■ Skeet Doubles
■ Skeet Shoot-Off

■ English Sporting
■ Five Stand
■ FITASC Sporting
■ Compak Sporting
■ Super Sporting

HotClays can be used free of charge for viewing and sharing scores. To create new scores, a Premium account is required. Try HotClays Premium for free for 7 days, then $6.99 per month or $49.99 per year.


■ Landscape scoring: Rotate your device sideways for an alternative scoring experience. Especially useful for devices with smaller screens.
■ Offline: No cell or internet connection needed to score rounds. Syncing resumes when you return to an internet connection.
■ Free backup and sync: Sign in with your email to have scores backed up to the cloud. Use the same email on all your devices and scores will be synced automatically.
■ Person-by-person statistics: Statistics for each person are automatically computed from score sheets. More statistics coming with each update.
■ Reliable scoring: Scores are auto-saved frequently to minimize the risk of losing your place in a round while scoring.
■ Directional scoring (trap only): Keep track of target directions for more detailed statistics. Directions are hard left, soft left, center, soft right, and hard right. Hold down the hit or miss button to reveal the directional miss menu.

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