Hopping Crush – Ren xila

Hopping Crush is an easy to get start casual game that will keep you hooked for hours! You just have to tap on screen to start the game. Then the ball keep falling down on the bricks then bouncing up. Threw ball to smash and hit the bricks, knock ball and hit the target is victory in this challenging game. Obstacles will appear at anytime and anywhere! Be careful! Unlock new splashy skins, ball fire and blocks, then choose one you like. Be careful not to let the ball jump on the color plank in the twisted maze or it’s game over! The bricks are stacked like tower in this game. The game starts at the top of tower. Try to crush all bricks down with one ball. Then gain high scores and achieve success. You will be the best hopping crusher.
Game features:
– Easily to balls control
– Multiple modes, endless stages
– 100+ levels with increasing challenging difficulty
– Special effects for combos