Honmon: Snowbelle & Friends – Honmon, Inc.

Honmon Sticker Pack #8
by Yoshizawa Yamane

① Snowbelle is a red-nosed reindeer that lights its way by glowing antlers. It likes to pretend to be a plush doll!

・Snow Flurry
・Constant Cheer
・Diamond Dust
・Sacred Antler

② Denube is an anubis jackal whose hiss turns into electromagnetic waves.

・Bolt Tail
・Healing Ankh
・Star Shower
・Symbolic Shock
・Legend Bolt

③ Luceed is a peppy seed that grows healing herbs by moonlight.

・Heavenly Heal

④ Mogurin is a constructor mole skilled at digging holes, both to build and destroy.

・Drill Tail
・Bust Barrier
・Mud Pit

⑤ Soleos is a sun liger, the cross between a male lion and a female tiger. Her roar makes the sun come out, and its heat strengthens the flame on her tail.

・Liger Roar
・Torch Tackle
・Burning Blaze
・Sun Flare
・Blinding Beam
・Righteous Aura
・Sacred Flame

⑥ Ferrei is a telepathic ferret able to channel healing thoughts. Don’t bother her when she’s concentrating!

・Blinding Shine
・Cleanse Beam
・Tail Wisp
・Peace Pulse

⑦ Rubeads is a jeweled squirrel that collects shiny things.

・Angelic Arrow
・Flash Bomb

⑧ Takoko is a lotus-eared octopus able to control currents.

・Freeze Ray
・Ink Blast
・Lotus Blossom

⑨ Ringoala is an apple-headed koala that wields a blade of grass and spits appleseeds.

・Leaf Blade
・Dew Slash

⑩ Crysmiss is a coiffed Christmas tree bear whose presence brings snow and Christmas spirit!

・Nature Surge
・Winter Blast

⑪ Grizzicle is an ice cream bear with a hard exterior but a soft heart. After a long nap, he feels invincible!

・Cold Punch
・Creamy Headbutt
・Brick Body Roll

⑫ Surusagi is a ninja bunny that ambushes enemies by fading in and out of blizzards. It rarely misses with snowflake shuriken.

・Quick Hex
・Snow Shuriken

⑬ Sabite is a saber-toothed tiger with icicle fangs and a bite of frost.

・Flaming Tail
・Flame Whip
・Night Pounce

⑭ Boiluga is a glass whale brimming with boiling water. Try not to mistake it for a teapot: It spouts burning hot water when angry!

・Steaming Spray

⑮ Fl’eautoad is a fountain frog statue whose waterfall mouth never stops.

・Steamy Fog
・Forever Flow
・Steel Mind

⑯ Skappa is a muscular kappa that plunders sunken ships.

・Packed Punch
・Icy Punch
・Toxic Rain

⑰ Vampetit is a diva vampire bat. She sleeps by day and hunts by night, thirsty for fresh ideas.

・Deadly Dirge
・Flinching Flap
・Night Wind
・Night Fade
・Sonar Sense

⑱ Chicktryce is an eggshelled fowl that can petrify on eyesight.

・Chicka Chirp
・Wing Flail
・Toxic Yolk
・Whirlwind Swap

⑲ Magitama is an ethereal sheep haunts the dreams of its foes.

・Sensei Slap
・Disrupt Mind
・Distorting Wave

⑳ Kasaboo is a kasa-no-obake yokai shaped like an umbrella. It can summon the rain simply by crying!

・Yokai Beam
・Lightning Bolt
・Devil Eye
・Acid Rain

㉑ Palasteed is a baby pegasus that gallops carefreely through the sky.

・Sky Gallop
・Sacred Arrow
・Falling Star
・Lunar Lance

㉒ Megaraffe is an electric giraffe with a thunderous gallop. Its mane runs on electric energy, so when its power runs out, it plugs in to recharge!

・Alternating Current (AC Charge)
・Hot Sparks
・Static Storm
・Sturdy Signal

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