Hongkong Metro – Route Planner – S Mehta

“Hongkong Metro – Route Planner” is one of the best Hongkong Metro (MTR Metro) apps for its intuitive design and superior functions such as shortest route search, station information, line information, nearby metro station, and many other applications.

“Hongkong Metro – Route Planner” is an attempt to add convenience and flexibility to national and international tourists and Hongkong citizens by providing basic information related to the Hongkong metro system (MTR Metro). It is an offline app, which provides all information on Hongkong metro (MTR Metro) and much more. It has been designed with a very user-focused approach, with some of the more recent features such as “search for the route”, “search for a nearby metro station”, “search by address”, interactive calculation of prices from station A to station B, line information, detailed information For individual stations. It also includes recently updated stations and their fare information.

Key Features
• Search by: Provides price information between two stations, total time, number of stops and number of switches between intermediate stations
• Show the shortest routes between stations
• Individual station information
• Includes stations added Recently and updated prices
• Information about all lines, individual stations, departure portal information, parking, lifting, information about the lifting structure, etc.
• Offline app with advanced features
• The app provides “Locate the nearest metro” feature, which provides the closest metro stations using its current GPS location.