Homeletics – home workout – Konstantin Bortnik

Goal-driven workout
A training plan should be built around a specific goal. What is your reason to be here? Let us know and we’ll help you to get things done.
We don’t give you different training programs to choose from. We solve your problem. This is how Homeletics works. Set a goal, press “Start workout” button and get ready to work hard.

Your personal coach
The core principle of Homeletics training approach is “safety first”. We will track your health conditions during the workout and calculate your training load to optimize the entire process.
Your heart rate says a lot. We will listen carefully to make the right decisions about workout intensity and frequency.
Homeletics algorithm makes your training personalized. It’s almost like working with a real coach. Or even better.

No special equipment is needed
The only thing you need to start working out is motivation. You came here, so you are motivated enough! Install the Homeletics app and let’s go!
Another thing you need to succeed is consistency. Follow the schedule we offer, do your best every workout, and you’ll see what happens. Are you ready?!